Come Run With Me!

2017 (Tentative)

  1. Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle, April 2
  2. Fargo Half Marathon, May 20
  3. Soldier Field 10 Mile, May 27
  4. Utah Valley Half Marathon, June 10
  5. The Great Alaskan Running Cruise, July 21-28
  6. Crazy Horse Half Marathon, October 
  7. Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Half Marathon, October 15
  8. Jeff Galloway 13.1, December 

7 thoughts on “Come Run With Me!

  1. Highly recommend Rock the Parkway Half Marathon- it’s in Kansas City, MO – this will be my second half I’ll be partaking in. I’ve been told this is one of the races that is known for the KC area. Next year, it is set for April 12th. Or, there is Hospital Hill half marathon – also in Kansas City, June 7th (but looks like you have something scheduled for that). The other ones that are quite popular here:
    – Running with the Cows half (on the KS side – May 10th)
    – Garmin Oz half (on the KS side – April 26th)
    – Marathon to Marathon (in IA – June 14th)
    – Broadway Bridge Half (on the MO side, usually in September)
    – Kansas City Half Marathon (on the MO, 10/18/2014)

    I just want to say, your site is so inspiring. I just ran my first half (Kansas City Half on 10/19/2013). My sister (who lives in IA), will be joining me on our journey to do 50 half marathons in 50 states. This will be a great site to reference!!!!

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